Audio & Video conversational tool.

The Social Media Platform for Your Dot Com

Bring the conversation to your website

Yappa is for online communities worldwide to create an ecosystem of audio & video conversations, discussions and interactions around your brand. Yaps are 45 seconds of voice or video commentary that give you the power of social media directly on your own website, creating real human connections, and a new, immersive engagement experience for you and your audience.

YAPPA for Bloggers, Web Publishers, Podcasters, Radio Networks, TV Broadcasts, Educators, Health Care, Product Reviews, Customer Service Platforms, and more.


Trusted by publishers to increase user engagement, grow your audience, build brand loyalty, whilst fostering a thriving community using VIDEO and VOICE.

Yappa helps publishers build an authentic, safe place to curate kinder, more empathetic, user-generated content that will help combat fake news trends.

Multimedia Conversations
Innovating social commenting across the web, Yappa brings your conversations to life with audio and video interactions.
User Generated Content
Yappa helps you cultivate your brand’s identity through curating new content, connectedness, and conversation.
Provide your users with a protected space to have meaningful and non-toxic debates free from trolls, bots and fake news trends.
Share & Discover
Explore new ideas with the Discovery feature and share your comments across all your favorite social media platforms.

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